Just some examples of the use of Bokeh from around the internet that I thought were decent...

Eksovichea Tito Hak 





The examples where the lights appear heart shaped have been created using a centralized  heart shaped stencil cut out in place of where the lenses aperture iris would normally be doing the multiple layered unfocused light dispersal. Some older lenses have a 5 blade aperture so the shape of the light will appear pentagonal, other have a 6 blade aperture which will give you a hexagonal light bokeh shape. Then there are other lenses with anything from 7 to 15 aperture blades, and generally the more blades the aperture iris has the smoother and rounder the bokeh light effect will appear. 

Again in the picture where the bokeh light shape appears to have a butterfly shape, it's been created using a centralized butterfly cut out hole in a light proof sheet placed over the front of the lens instead of using the lens aperture.  

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