I didn't really fancy the idea of having to buy a specialized camera flight case with foam or a specialized bag with padded section dividers (although the later would still have been preferable to the former for being vastly more weight and space saving), especially since I already had a whole bunch of perfectly usable backpacks and messenger bags that weren't being used that could have quite easily served the purpose of a camera bag if it weren't for the fact that they were lacking some sort of means to stop the SLR camera equipment from scratching and clattering against one another whilst potentially being taken where ever to carry out their picture taking tasks.

 Initially I did consider a fold-able and collapsible padded section divider specifically for inserting into any type of messenger or flight bag in order to convert them into a camera equipment bag, but even this to my mind seemed a little limiting for potential usage and optimum space managment. 

Eksovichea Tito Hak 

However sleeves/pouches that could accommodate any type of standard lens dimensions seemed like a more malleable and smarter solution which would essentially allow for the arrangement of any overall carrying space I had in any way I liked for said purpose. Most importantly it'd also ensure none of it got scratched or battered against anything else in the bag whilst generally being transported in an immediate personal carry bag.

So with an old unused messenger bag dug out (pictured just under the lens pouch set) it looked like lens sleeves/pouches it was going to be. I was generally careful to select the type that appeared to have the most padding for obvious reasons. The ones I chose were made of neoprene material that was generally thicker and more rigid than the types of material I'd associate with a neoprene laptop covers/sleeves (almost foam like). They generally seemed to offer just as much padding if not a little more then a specialized camera backpack with padded dividers when next to each other due to the relative thickness of the material. This also meant that any equipment used in them could be placed in any type of bag whilst always remaining in its own protective cover. The lens in the pictures is only in there to give an idea of scale. Conveniently the messenger bag I was recycling allowed 3 pouches to snugly sit side by side just like they were camera bag dividers, pretty much a perfect fit. The fourth (also the smallest) was easily stacked on top of another and generally it was a tidy and efficient solution that allowed me to re-arrange the pouches/dividers as I pleased within the now turned camera bag. 


 Made in Korea?

There were no lids or zips but securing camera equipment in them was simply a case of droping them in and tightening a strong nylon chord with a toggle fastener. They also have fast snap on clips although I don't think they would be something I would use. Actual fabrication was surprisingly and impressively strong, I couldn't envisage them falling apart any time soon with my general usage (at least as regards to the particular set I had anyway). Immediately after opening the packaging I even went so far as to stress them a little at the seams to see if any slack or shoddy stitch work would show up, (even with it turned inside out too) and there weren't any that I could detect, but again it might have been down to the fact I had a set that were a good sample/example. There's also the obvious of being able to stitch it back up yourself even if the stitching does start to come apart at the seams later on. 

There are 4 sleeves in the set that cater for a range of standard lens sizes. At current I only had two prime sized SLR lenses which meant I could just use the remainder for protectively storing and transporting other equipment instead until specifically required for other lenses.

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