TRU digital  X0.45 lens wide angle view multiplier 

Eksovichea Tito Hak 

 wide camera angles are great. It basically means you can fit more in the picture/frame without having to physically move, which is ideal if you're in a confined space or in a situation where you're not able to move any further backward in order to fit more in the picture frame. But for all those who are shooting in wide open spaces (if not lacking the will from sheer laziness) lacking the common sense, you can simply just move back a few metres and crop the top and bottom of the image down a little on the computer afterwards for the same kind of wide angle effect (potentially with less lens distortion too).

 But that aside I was looking to get a little wider in terms of viewing angle on the full frame canon lens I had, as it wasn't too great as a full frame lens on a crop body. For all those that weren't aware, using a full frame lens with a crop sensor camera body doesn't really give you the same equivalent viewing angle as a lens specifically designed to be used with a crop sensor. So I was looking for an interim solution until I was actually able to afford a decent propper wide angle DSLR lens at some point in the future. (whether that be achieved through a combo of a crop sensor camera with a decent crop sensor lens or a full frame sensor with a full frame lens allowing me to crop images down for wide angle pictures). 

 Step in the Tru digital x0.45 wide angle multiplier lens add on with 58mm thread. According to the blurb its said to be made of titanium whilst sporting Japanese optics at which I was more than just a little impressed with despite being made in China and the dodgy cardboard packaging graphics it came in. Essentially it did exactly what it was supposed to when used with the full frame Canon 35-135mm USM lens in combo with the NEX-F3 crop sensor. There wasn't much in the way of image quality deterioration that I could initially see from general none scientific testing, but no doubt if I scrutanised it enough I'd find something to gripe about. It basically allowed me to fit more in the frame when used with the canon 35-135mm USM with no kind of image field of view clipping at all. Generally images remained crisp overall. 

 Pointless using this x0.45 wide view multiplier with the SEL 18-55mm...(...despite what some retail outlets claim selling it or something similar)

However, using it with the SEL 18-55mm OSS lens is a waste of time despite what certain retailers claims about these types of wide angle multiplier kits when used with a nex-f3/5n/5r camera in combo with the sel 18-55mm lens. The problem is that at the widest point of the default 18mm there's some serious visual field of view corner clipping when using the Tru digital x0.45 wide-view lens multiplier with it (due to its crop sensor and the 18-55m lens being designed for the crop sensor). The resulting image is extremely wide at 18mm, but the corners of the images were just obstructed by the x45 Tru digital wide view view optic multiplier add on. You have to zoom in to about 27mm on the sel 18-55mm OSS with Tru digital x45 wide multiplier attached in order to completely negate any visual field of view corner clipping, by which point you've got far less in the frame then you originally had without it at the default 18mm. You'd be able to get vastly more in the frame without any image obstruction when using the sel 18-55mm OSS without the x0.45 multiplier at the default 18mm than with it at 27mm (in order to negate the corner clipping). For the purposes of macro photography there were clear signs of chromatic aberration. You can find some picture samples in the side column with notes.

 Tru digital x0.45 wide-view multiplier image samples when used with the SEL 18-55 mm lens  

 Tru digital x0.45 wide-view multiplier image samples when used with a Canon 35 - 135 mm EOS lens

 It seemed to work fine with the manual fixed 200mm Pentacon lens I had in my current humble glass collection, but there wasn't really any point using the wide angle view multiplier with that for the most part since it generally defeated the whole purpose of a fixed zoom lens by essentially giving you less optical zoom. 


With a full frame canon lens - Works great with canon full frame lenses with a 58mm thread for the IQ to remain consistent to the eye whilst photographing scenery over a fair distance. However in short range pictures chromatic aberration was clearly apparent (as in the example above).

With the Sony SEL 18-55mm lens -  Although the image was crisp and clear within the view-able area when using the x0.45 wide view multiplier with the SEL 18-55mm lens for landscape and none macro shots, you'd actually get a far wider viewing angle without the use of the use of the viewing and multiplier add on at the default 18mm. Chromatic aberration towards the edges in macro photography highly apparent.

Its not exactly the kind of optics you'd expect to find on a dedicated £400 plus D-SLR wide angle view lens, but for under £30 what do you expect?

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