The powershot SX130 already gets part way their to a sort of D-SLR feel but in compact none interchangeable lens form. Pixel count isn't everything, especially when it comes to image quality, and even at 12 megapixels the SX130 still produces excellent quality images. But aside from the large D-SLR like LCD screen and sort of similar control layout (bar a few buttons and dials) there was just something about it that felt a little incomplete in not having RAW image capture capability. That was until I found out that there a none destructive firmware mod for it! 

It works by placing files on your SD card. After which you just switch it on and there should then be some additional sub-menu's that allow for the additional features of shooting in RAW with EV bracketing. Restoring it to stock firmware is just simply a case of removing the files that you placed on the SD card.

The version for the SX130 has been tested as stable. However the separate and current SX150 firmware mod is known to have some serious bugs, and its claimed that it has bricked some powershot SX150's! So SX150 owners might want to wait a while for a more stable version. As ever use this mod at your own risk, and I'm no way responsible for any potentially messed up SX130 if you decide that RAW snaps might be useful to you on your SX130.