It looks like the NEX-3N hullaballoo is starting to flesh out some actual substance with official press snaps, this is despite the short falls of potential battery drain for a standardised internally fitting battery, it actually looks like they might be going ahead with a NEX-3N update having power zoom servo motored lens control features. As far as I was aware the pro range of NEX camcorders have much more convenient external clip on batteries meaning they can pretty much be any size you can make them within practical reason. However since the NEX camera's a are constrained to a standardised internal compartment within the camera body range its going to be a little more difficult to up the battery capacity without more efficient battery cells being used.

I guess they must be planning to release official higher capacity NP-FW50 batteries (used in all the NEX Alpha range of camera's and some SLT Alpha camera's) in the future over the current standard official NP-FW50 batteries with 1080Mah capacity. I might add that the battery life on my NEXF3 doesn't get anywhere near the official stated CIPA rating of 470 pictures with the supplied battery on a full charge, that's even without any type of auto aperture, auto focus lens and flash being used thus far. However from what I know its currently possible to get higher capacity NP-FW50 batteries from 3rd party manufacturers with capacities of 1500Mah and 1600Mah.

I also see they've made the sensible design decision to move the metering sensor a little further out of the way of any potential obstruction from actually holding the camera where the camera suggests just by sheer virtue of its actual design.