The NEX-3N antics are REAlly real-real to seemingly now be gathering the momentum of full steam ahead after the whole "it still might not happen" like reserve going on even with whole steady stream of leaks being fed to us. Word now has it that we can expect to see the servo power zoom lens control capable snapper (/video shooter) refresh released as early as spring. From the pre-release press snaps you can see that there's been a noticeable reduction in its overall size from the F3 whilst retaining the capabilities to use all the same sized interchangeable lenses.

 I also like the fact that they've also now positioned the flash centrally over the lens. However I couldn't help noticing that there's only one cut out on the top of the new smaller camera body which is for the pop out flash, meaning you won't be able to use any other types of external NEX flashes or other industry standard flash guns via a standard or wireless speed light flash device hot-shoe adapter.