It only seemed appropriate to keep the run of stuff on snapper gear going, at least the stuff that caught my interest, and having briefly mentioned Ricoh recently it looks like they've decided to extend their APS-C camera range beyond their modular "chop 'n' change" parts of their GXR series that are available for the general consumers side to optionally throw money at amidst all the other competition. They've now made a none modular stand alone APS-C sensor camera for people to optionally buy, but at $800 for this just released GR with APS-C sensor, is it really worth it when you could buy the GXR and a whole bunch of modular sensors for different things to boot? Or at least the GXR would give you the option to upgrade the sensor for less if they ever do get round to releasing the higher spec stuff for general consumer acquirement for the GXR. I guess the GR does far more for down sizing their previous 16 megapixel effort for a vastly more pocketable APS-C sensor based snapper box within the Ricoh fold more than anything else, albeit at a pretty hefty premium short of actually having a more recognised household brand name stuck on it. But generally it'll no doubt be indicator of where general household brand names might be heading on the pocketable none-interchangeable lens compact front. 

It also didn't really surprise when I learned that Nikon (a long established house hold name in camera gear that have Sony sensors in them) already have something similar on the market for a vastly higher price, in fact it makes even more sense that something like this should come from Ricoh, could this set the way for other manufacturers to follow suit with less costly versions depending on demand?

It won't be long before we see a whole bunch near pristine APS-C sensors needing to be re-purposed at some point.