The NEX rumor mills are turning, and supposed pictures of a NEX 3N are surfacing. What is the rumored NEX 3N claimed to have that the current camera bodies don't? Full on NEX camcorder servo lens control that’s usually reserved for their larger pro NEX camcorder bodies, that's what. Do I reckon the pictures of a potential 3N are real regardless of whether a compact NEX-3N body with electronic servo zoom control makes it to market or not? (Although I reckon it looks remarkably like a C3, which doesn't make sense having taken on-board feedback about form factor and practical grabability to have already created the F3 for greater usability). I say probably as likely to be real as the likely hood that it could be a fake (although I'm leaning towards fake). As with any ongoing series of products there will most probably be some very real pre-production concept prototypes knocking about the Sony labs to explore potential progressions of the series. Plus its not like Sony lack the funds for it. 

Do I think a servo power zoom NEX 3N is practical? It would be incredible to have full blown hi-definition 1080p 60fps video shooting capabilities on top of the still pictures its already capable of taking  all in a compact NEX camera body form factor, but given how the current NEX-F3 performs in the battery life department without a power zoom lens, a servo power zoom lens isn't going to be the best idea without some sort of vastly higher capacity battery or an official add on grip from Sony with extra battery capacity. Besides I reckon using the zoom too often in a single scene conjures memories of lame home movies.  It'd be good if they could include an integrated eyepiece view finder on any potential future NEX 3 refresh.  

Would I be tempted to get rid of my just recently acquired NEX-F3 to get a potential servo powered 3N? After what I went through to get the F3 body I bought on my current budget of very little money for the sake of replacing my old missing point 'n' shoot and being able to do much more in feeling the shutter bug in me returning having been away for so long? No, unless I already had the funds to replace it and I knew I could get a decent price on it with something else to actually use before it went. But generally I'd be more inclined to hold onto it and keep it as a compact interchangeable to supplement any additional capable gear if my needs do grow beyond it with budget permitting. Currently I'm quite pleased with what it can do, of which I've not yet fully used to its full potential. I can see myself using it for some time to come if no easy clear path crops up to upgrade, and as long as I can use it to get the pictures I want from it I can't see any reason to get rid of it. The problem is that with the longer I keep it and get actual use out of it, the more sentimentally attached to it I become. Would I consider upgrading to a NEX-7? If I had vastly more funds at my disposal (of the money is no object kind), of course I would for the extra controls and ability to truly competently handle 24 megapixels at a faster continuous rate.

I reckon the F3 could potentially do 18 to 24 megapixels at a faster burst rate just like its NEX-6 and NEX-7 siblings too with the appropriate bios tweaks/hacks/unlocking.