I generally only ever use the central weighted focus setting for measured macro photography snaps, in such situations it's easier to see the focal detail without necessarily having to drop into the zoom view mode all the time to check focus detail. There's also the fact that in most cases you'll also optionally have far more time to fine tune settings and drop into zoom preview mode anyway.

It's also perfectly possible to use the central weighted focus setting on infinity focus snaps too, however I've found that the focus peaking meter can more often than not be a little miss-leading, even though it says that it's focused in certain areas the final result isn't necessarily as sharp as it could be away from the centre of the image when using central weighted focus. 

Generally if you don't have the time to carefully measure and tune each pre-shutter frame the multi-zone focus is your best option. Whilst in this mode it evaluates multiple focal depth's across the frame to give you the sharpest optimum in between focus for the entire frame (or at least a large portion of it) rather than just the sharpest focus at depth at the centre of the frame (or your chosen focal point if using flexible point focus), which is certainly generally more ideal and better for infinity focus pictures. Of course it's also perfectly possible to manually set the focal depth to optimum sharpness with greater inclusion of the wider frame when using central weighted or flexi spot focus too, but it does take a lot more time.

Still well worth shooting in JPG as well as RAW on the NEX-F3

I used to only ever shoot exclusively in RAW whilst using the NEX-F3. However, I've found that some pretty decent and very usable results can also be achieved for JPG images too via the camera's own on board RAW to JPG image processing. The camera seems to apply HDR to JPG's in a way that blew me away in numerous instances to say the least, and in alot of cases it even saved me a lot of post image capture processing work. Having discovered this it only seemed prudent to set the camera to the mode which allows it to shoot and write RAW as well as  JPG image files at the same time to SD for every snap taken.