photograher: Eksovichea Tito Hak

 With NEX-F3's lack luster battery life performance using the official supplied OEM NP-FW50 lithium -Ion battery, I was kind of thinking an extended battery pack might be something to consider if it was something that was an unfixable flaw of the F3 iteration. But generally having to constantly have an extended hand grip battery pack attached to it at all times would have defeated the purpose of having a NEX camera body to begin with .i.e. having full D-SLR capabilities within a vastly more compact form factor. I'd also considered a new official battery too but at £40 to £70 RRP it didn't seem like the most sensible options within current budget constraint to potentially get the same kind of performance on a single charge. 
It doesn't seem that Sony make any type of official higher capacity NP-FW50 battery beyond their 7.7Wh (1080mAh) 7.2Volts version.  Fortunately though there are various 3rd party manufacturers that do with more common higher capacities of 1200mAh, 1500mAh and a few others in between. So the answer might seemingly be in using a higher capacity 3rd party battery producer. 

It's even more fortunate that there are even some knocking about that have a capacity of 1600mAh for even longer up times away from the mains, which brings us nicely to the fact its what actually features in the pictures in this post. 

Despite having a vastly higher capacity its actually physically lighter than the Sony OEM battery. On the dimensions front its also a shave smaller too by about 0.5 to 1mm in depth. If you're interested you can grab one here. As you might have noticed it does in fact say 7.4volts on them however they are 7.2 volts compatible. If you want to help me out you can buy one from here.