photographer : Eksovichea Tito Hak
Finally the first firmware update for the F3 has been released in the form of 1.01. Generally there's not much in there in the way of anything that would address the more pressing issues of things like battery drain of around 4 to 5% even when the camera is switched off over a 6 to 7 hour period at a time. (maybe due to user inaccessible wireless activity?). The only thing the new update really adds is tuning for optic compensation for the specific characteristics of a lens I don't even have (as far as I'm aware). 

Generally even after performing the firmware update the same issues of battery drain were still persistent regardless of whether I used the the OEM battery or the extended capacity 3rd party battery, but from what I'm aware the NEX 3 (prior to the C3) also had the same issues which were addressed in a later update for that. So hopefully we'll be seeing one soon for the F3 too. [sony UK firmware update download]