This mention sees us heading back to the shores of the UK and it seems the cost of mobile data communication is still coming down, however those of us with long term commitment issues when it comes to our mobile communications needs might just want stop reading now. Having honed your nimble fingered crackberry like turbo texting inputting prowess (even without the assistance of word completion) anything other then a physical keyboard just wont do.

Granted that we're not in any danger of falling off or hurting ourselves on any sharp technological edges here, but I definitely reckon you'd be hard pressed to find a smart phone messaging device of this caliber in the form of the N63 in both design and quality for the seeming initial cost of nothing. So all those looking to get a 3G capable device with a physical full qwerty keypad that works with all of 3 mobiles free Skype calling, free Skype messaging, free Facebooking, free msn messaging, free twittering, free emailing and free unlimited internet access (subject to fair use policy) from a device straight out of the box without having to screw around installing software or tweaking settings might want to take a look at this.

As ever its Technically not free…

Ok so in order to get the N63 for "free" you're going to have to sign up for a long haul of 24 months at 10 quid a month with 3 mobile. Meaning that it will cost  you a total of 216 quid (minus the 2 quid a month discount) for the entire two year period, in other words its just been heavily subsidized. But at least you get to spread the cost.

The higher cost of the Pay As You go alternative even when spending the bare minimum

To buy a brand new Nokia N63 without contract direct from Nokia will probably set you back around 170 quid upfront with none of the proprietary 3 software pre installed. Then lets say you top up with the bare minimum of 10 pounds every three months as apposed to the obliged 10 pound per month cost of the contract in order to just get all your freebies over a two year period. That still a minimum of 80 quid over 2 years on top of the cost of the phone. That’s a total cost of 250 quid. (keep in mind internet access isn't unlimited and there's a 150MB cap on internet access with every 10 pounds you top up with pay as you go)

Contract cost over 2 years = 216 quid (no initial cost paying only 10 quid a month)
Pay As You Go cost over 2 years = 250 quid (initial up front hit to the wallet of 170 quid for the phone to then spend the bare minimum of 10 quid every 3 months  to get you the freebies)

Bottom line? Any current or would be digital socialite knocking about or residing in the UK on for around two years or longer might be better off opting to go contract over the pay as you go option since you get a whole load more benefits with a potential lower initial operating cost. I say potential as its obviously possible that it could end up costing you more if you use it beyond any pre-defined plan of inclusive services with the contract, but if money is no object I guess it wouldn't matter either way. To weigh up the options a little more closely click here.

E63 TALKER 100