I was doing some research into the viability of owning a pre-Blackberry OS 10 device for ongoing device support into the future (as in before the Z10 was released). As it turns out, current Blackberry 6 and 7 devices will not being seeing any form of update to Blackberry 10 OS. However, even with the release of new Blackberry 10 OS devices (i.e. the Z10) the general crackberry consensus seems to be that Blackberry 7 will continue to be supported by Blackberry for quite some time yet to come. The main reason for this being that Blackberry are looking to grow their presence and awareness of Blackberry devices within Asia via Blackberry 7 devices in order to make blackberry devices more affordably accessible beyond the high prices commanded by the very latest Blackberry Z10. There's also said to be new Blackberry 7 devices yet to be released too. 

It's been officially stated that there will be NO new 10 inch Blackberry tablet with BB OS 10 for general public buying release as originally planned late last year. However, the current 7 inch Blackberry Playbook will be getting an OS update from Playbook OS 2 to Blackberry OS 10 sometime this year. 

This is ideal in the sense that current Blackberry 5, 6, and 7 handset owners can extend the life of their handsets through buying a Blackberry Playbook and tethering it with their blackberry OS 5,6, or 7 handset via Bluetooth for on the move 3G data access. The latest Blackberry 6 and 7 handsets offer 2.1MBit/s data rate via Bluetooth v2.1 where as the Playbook can handle Bluetooth v3.1 which offers upto 24MBit/s data transfer. 

Currently Playbook 2 OS allows you to use your blackberry handset (once tethered via Bluetooth) like a remote for the Playbook via Blackberry bridge. 

Alternately if you have the latest Blackberry OS 7 device (the Blackberry OS just prior to Blackberry OS 10) there should be a mode that allows you to tether a Wi-Fi enabled device like a Playbook via Wi-Fi for a potentially even faster 3G data connection via a blackberry handset. 

The Skype thing from general research...

...seems to be a big deal for many Blackberry devices owners, and questions surrounding the matter has gone unanswered for the main part. But from what I've dug up so far it looks like that current official and very limited Skype support has been dropped for Blackberry 6 and 7 OS as well as the very limited support for Blackberry Playbook OS 2 (in being only voice and text based). However, Blackberry Z10 owners will soon be seeing an official Skype application with full video chat support for their Blackberry OS 10 devices soon. This will also mean that when the Blackberry Playbook gets the official update from Playbook OS 2 to Blackberry OS 10, it too will have full official Skype video chat and messaging support/capability.