I used to think that in an alternate universe  where I had the money to upgrade my camera and wanted to stay with a compact interchangeable form factor instead of going full power picture box D-SLR mad with a Canon 5D mark3 or Sony Alpha 99 SLT that I'd move to the NEX-6 or 7. That was until canon announced their next gen D-SLR T5i and Rebel SL1. They've basically shrunk the upcoming D-SLR releases despite still accommodating full canon D-SLR lenses. The initial outlined pricing structure when they do finally land would certainly give you more bang for your buck then the current NEX-6 and 7 in terms of capability and spec.

Rebel SL1 $650 (body only)
Rebel SL1 $800 with the new 18-55mm STM lens

T5i $750 (body only)
T5i $900 with the 18-55mm
T5i $1,100 with an 18-135mm lens.