I haven't had much time to dust off my original PSP let alone think about the slimmed down version since it pretty much does all the same things as the "slim" and most current "GO" versions but obviously not quite as elegantly on the form factor front. But those of us lucky enough to be knocking about the UK (as well as other parts of Europe and the middle east)  might just find enough reason in the fact that Sony want to give you 10 full games to play on it gratis (downloadable from the Playstation network)from the 9th of June onwards in a bid to tempt you into handing over your cash for one of their latest PSP GO's.  Stranger still they go even further to include any folk that purchased their PSP GO after the 1st of April. Pick one up here for 174.15 quid with door bell ring and knock included. Sony PSP Go! Console (Black)

Or if you prefer your on the go Playstation portable antics in white for a rounder figure of 170 quid also direct to you door clicketh here. Sony PSP Go! Console (White)

Stateside and Canada will apparently only see 3 free games for anyone who grabs a PSP GO as of June 1st. Why this be the case I have no idea.