17 inch laptops (of the none Macbook variety) are generally not that portable compared to their more reasonably sized 15 and under counter parts.  I only mentioned the Macbook thing because Apple's 17 inch Macbook pro in overall form factor is quite comparable to a fair number of 15 inch none Mac variants of laptops. I've generally found that the actual porting of such an unwieldy sized machine for under $50  is also made just that little bit more difficult due to the general lack of decent quality laptop bags for 17 inch machines on the high street where its generally perfectly possible to pick up decent quality bag for a 15 inch or less notebooks for around $30 to $40. It's also often the case that the few 17 inch laptop bags I do come across  generally tend to be an eyesores if not just short of that. 

Despite the fact that my current means is just starting to fall apart at the seams with flaking nubac fabric  (a kind of synthetic suede) everywhere its been used on the bag after a good 3 to 4 years of service I'm still not quite in the market for getting a new one just yet, but it did spur me on to having a browse of what there currently was for the none conventional form factor as far as porting purposes went. I can't vouch for their durability since I haven't actually tested them but from a visual standpoint they generally tended to be examples that didn't overly offend my eyeballs and my perceptions of pleasing visual design from the visual feedback I was getting from them. There are a few exceptions on the designed criteria front but they were only featured for their extraordinarily exceptional protective properties.   

Coincidentally I feel I ought to mention that the Italian designed Tucano bag that I bought on the high street for around 30 euro in Paris that I've been using for the past 3 to 4 years has held up very well indeed considering the amount of weight and frequent usage it has seen.  I'd never heard of the brand before buying it and as a light messenger bag its overall design was very stylish. After all these years of usage I'd also confidently say it was highly durable given the fact that its still ticking (although looking a little worse for wear at this point) and the kinds of rigors its had to withstand. This is also against the context of having tried to get a replacement for it a few months back for that to have severely fallen apart in just a few days.

Tucano Studio 18 (30 euro)

It looks like Tucano has ditched the more trendy hipster lifestyle like permeations in terms of detailing opting for something that I could only describe as more restrained but still classy in a minimal design kind of way. Based on how one of their bags has held up for me I reckon that this will mostly likely last a fair while too. It can also carry an 18 inch laptop so you could probably get a laptop covered by one of those Japanese designed shock absorbing zip cases that use memory foam into the bag with little trouble for extra protection.


Belkin 17 inch Messenger bag ($40 to $60)

I've seen efforts from this lot before and on the visual design front they generally tended to be lacking on the style front. But with a name like Belkin you can be certain they do know a fair few things about computers since computer hardware and accessory products is their core business even if previously not necessarily laptop bags with clean modern design that would appeal to the trendy urbanite following. 

Having said that though they've strangely managed to pull off a very visually pleasing modern and clean looking effort that brings the simplicity of a laptop case slip like design  but up scaled into a full 17 inch laptop messenger bag with a very striking vibrant appeal, but that might just be down to a misleading colour contrast balance used in the image.


Asus ROG 17 inch laptop gaming backpack ($40 to $70)


This time opting for the backpack form over a messenger bag with the Asus ROG? I don't have an Asus machine so I was a little put off by potentially toting something around with a hardly subtle ASUS logo on it. But I've a feeling that this thing would be anything but shoddy in its fabrication since its specifically been designed by ASUS to carry their machines. The reasonably clean design adds to the appeal  although its not the most attractive of laptop bags but would no doubt be very functional for its intended purpose.


Slappa hard body 17 ($70 to $160)

If you've not heard of the Slappa range of protective casing products you must have been living under a rock or something but it was news to me when I came across their 17 inch laptop case. It's water proof, fire proof and has a bunch of impact absorbing foam padding included with it. Also DJ equipment outlet veterans Hard to Find Records (also just happens to be where I used to buy a lot of my vinyl records from) is also championing the laptop bag by carrying it in their inventory as a road worthy laptop based digital DJ accessory.  


Pelican 17 laptop case ($300 RRP upwards depending on model)

I just thought I'd mention this for the sake of it as I'd probably never get round to buying one unless I come into money or something. But we're talking military grade protection and durability for your machine here which would most probably help your laptop survive a mid Atlantic plane crash even if you don't. Not that I'd ever want to get into a situation like that to begin with but it's nice to know it would be protected even if it starts out at around $300 RRP for one these things.