With no manila envelope anywhere to be seen this time round the latest refresh of the Macbook Air sees a few additional options that could give digital DJ fans with the kind of cash to drop on one of these things a reason to possibly take a butchers at the top end of the configurable range for even greater portability. The 13 inch version optionally gives you the choice of a 2.13GHz core 2 duo processor with 6MB of cache over 1.86GHz and there's also the option to max out at 4GB of 1066MHz ddr3 RAM. A NAND SSD comes as standard, you just have to chose whether you want the 128GB version or 256GB version which are priced accordingly. I.e., it cost more for the one with the larger capacity SSD. However you look at it this thing is going to be fast. You're looking at around $1800 once maxed out from the Apple store and that doesn't include your DJ or DAW software. I guess that's the price you pay for ultra light and sleek wedge like tapered portability.