Just as the Apple news is flowing thick and fast so are the 3 mobile UK offers. I guess this is a little more apt in being ipad related.  With all talk and press snaps of the new ipad covered from nearly every single angle there wasn't much else to to be said. Or at least I couldn't think of anything clever to say about it. I like the design??

In the meantime how about saving some money whilst actually using one? Well it looks like 3 mobile decided they'd put out the special micro sim card needed to use with it so you can use their pay as you go data plan with it.

They'll give you 10GB of data to use for £15 a month which works out at £3.33 (having rounding down from all the infinate recurring 3's) for 5GB of data. Another way to look at it is that it works out at 66p for 1GB of data which is less then 80cents in US dollars at the current exhange rate. If you think you could do with saving a fair amount on you data needs then you just might want to click the flash picture below to get yours now.