The gimmick of sliding...


Not sure what the deal is with the sliding laptop/tablet hybrids but CES 2010 seems to have pulled up a couple for show. I guess it was different enough to feature. The first to make the rounds and land somewhere in my browsing path was an ASUS offering giving Android as the OS for doing stuff on it. At the moments its still not quite reached its final retail working of it with there apparently still being a few reported issues with how it does what it does as a slider when going from tablet to laptop. But other then that the final release should see gingerbread on it in its retail form. Its been said there's a little flex in the keyboard but if design is anything to go on eye candy could certainly be used to describe it. All in all it looks promising and hopefully they'll get the few issues ironed out before final release. But its not like Asus to not deliver and I guess that’s yet to be seen with this particular gem. There isn't too much detail on hardware specs but initial word puts it down as something that’s not going to be cheap at 429 UK pounds in money not weight which is $676.


Next up Samsung bring a slightly more finished effort to the table on the hardware front giving you windows 7 as the default OS for your touch tablet needs. The hardware details chalk up a bit like this…

 - Intel 1.66GHz Z670 Oak Trail processor
- 366 x 768-resolution
- 10.1-inch 340-nit touch screen
- 32GB or 64GB SSD options
- 2GB of RAM.

 Not really a biggy but I was impressed at the fact it had a backlit keyboard whilst using it in laptop mode since I couldn't touch type to save my life. So it was a big deal as far I was concerned for whiling away the small hours. Other stuff to add to the appeal is an ambient light sensor and a 1.3 mega pixel webcam on its body. They reckon you'll get 9 hours out of it in between charges. Goes without saying really "under optimum conditions". They reckon 450 quid otherwise $699.