Now this is what I'm talking about, the latest Android Ice Cream sandwich OS on a slim 7 inch tablet with clearly stated gaming intentions that  rolls on a more then respectable 1.5Ghz over four processing cores. Even the preview snaps are enough to strike that "I'm definitely impressed chord" from a purely superficial standpoint. But at $150 what's the catch for this full blown Android tablet with full access to the play market that’s looking to draw in the Android gaming crowd hooked on portability? Well from what I know of portable media centric device makers Archos, their previous efforts to tap the Android segment haven't been quite as successful as they'd hoped with rather paltry spec machines spear heading their efforts. However this particular effort truly looks a damn sight more capable in many ways and I truly hope for them that this gets the fullest support if the actual substance is there on the hardware and usability front as an android device.  For its initial run it looks like its set to land in the US and Europe at around about the same time.