All the "will they-won't they", partly sort of making it up as they go along, ripe enthusiast generated momentum of grape vine speculation fueling the turns of fate leading to any potential release for the Valve piston Xi3 gaming machine for 2013 has taken a lesser make.believe turn as far as any potential general user acquirement goes. It looks like a Valve engineer has dashed many a futurists of the "we want the recycling already available and yet to be drip feed onto the market developments now!" hopes with the statement of 'No current plans to announce anything in 2013'. I guess something was just missing for rebels among the powers that be to go forward and potentially bring the mammoth custom built SLi/crossfire rigs for in home use a little closer to extinction with any actual true demonstration of true visual rendering prowess and speed on a steam Xi3 piston concept. I guess the human dice didn't roll out quite as expected. Not to mention I could see any potential competent commercial Xi3 piston development with proven capability taking a huge bite out of the potentially yet to be released PlayStation 4 space given the usually quite high just released RRP's that a PS generally commands. That’s even if they call it the PlayStation 4 , apparently an English phonetic 4 means dead in Japanese? Will they be that superstitious to forgo a PlayStation 4 and maybe call it something else before getting to the PS-5?

Valve planning a greater level of PC software lock-down among general users with their own machine for the sake of maybe potentially shrinking the hardware market?

Advantages of a Xi3 steam box:

-  significantly less materials used for similar dedicated gaming performance/experience means less waste.
- The fact that its Modular means its easily upgradable too.
-  less electrical power consumption, it apparently runs on 40 watts.