The first steps of the Ableton 64-bit movement for the general consuming classes are now in motion. Current registered Ableton 8 users can head on over to the Ableton site to acquire a working 64-bit beta build of Ableton 8.4 right now.  However there are some limitations which include:

- No max for live support
- No bridge pluggin compatibility

Despite this it's said that they are working on trying to get a 64-bit versions of them on the go. You might ask what would be the purpose of the 64-bit version of Ableton then? Well It basically means that you can load samples and audio files directly into RAM for use in Ableton. That’s nothing new you say? Well I guess not but what is new is the fact they claim there isn't a 4GB cap. Meaning if you've got crazy amounts of RAM to spare you'll be in better stead to rock a low latency Ableton session all directly from RAM (at least for the most part) with much less need for frequent disk accessing and potential disk access overload. Ideal if like me you still haven't managed to get it all to an SSD yet. 

I'm not sure how it worked before but I was always of the thinking you could still work beyond a 4GB cap even when using the 32-bit Ableton if you were actually running it in a 64-bit OS? The 4GB cap being something that was imposed by a 32-bit OS (hence the reason for my use of a 64-bit when using Ableton) and not Ableton itself. I guess I was wrong.