It looks like ripples of the Air's design influences has finally drawn in another major laptop manufacturer to follow suit. But its not like Acer haven't been turning out slimmer then your average portables in their own way since the beginning of their timeline range. From initial impressions their latest Ultrabook series from a purely visual standpoint did seem to very much so go that little bit further in delivering something that looks like something that should have been destined for some kind of future bitten pro range with solid word of beefy core i7 and i5 chip (as well as a more humble i3)  assisted by 8GB of ddr3 RAM on sandy bridge all within its wafer thin shell whilst also promising 7 hours of mains free uptime in between charges. Unfortunately though I couldn't pull up any info on GPU rendering power which might be a reason to hold out just that little bit longer to see if it could seriously be the bringing about/a pre cursor to some kind of complete portable Mac pro design rework. Start out prices weigh in at 799 euro and respectively work their way up to more suitably higher price tag of 1,199 euro for their higher spec variant. Expect to see it for general consumer purchase some time at the end of September. Now for some un-provocative but still visually stimulating laptop porn.   

Other notable things about it:

- 1.5 second wake up from sleep
- 2.5 seconds to acquire a wireless signal
- 50 day standby time.
- built in HD webcam