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Sony Xperia Play in white exculsive to the UK

Posted by Eksovichea Hak on Saturday, February 19, 2011, In : Gaming 

It looks like the UK is getting exclusive dibs of the white version of the Android running Xperia play when it finally drops on UK shores.

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Sony's Xperia Play arriving March with a claimed 50 PSone games pre-installed

Posted by Eksovichea Hak on Monday, February 14, 2011, In : Gaming 

Word? The Xperia Play will be arriving next month. The best part? They say it will come with 50 Sony PSone game titles" pre-installed" on the phone on its March release.  There are also claims there will be additional titles that will see its way onto the gaming phone that weren't even around at the time of the original Psone's in home coin free gaming reign.

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More Kinect

Posted by Eksovichea Hak on Monday, February 7, 2011, In : Gaming 

Kinect. So what's the deal? Having heard so much about it maybe might be time to delve into the hands on of gesture air swiping antics whilst browsing music and movie collections using only the force (if not actual motion detection and real time biometric feedback). That's if you don't actually use the voice command feature to get your Xbox360 to do stuff if you're not feeling particularly active. Very futuristic indeed and although the offices of Apple aren't likely to have one of these I co...

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Xperia Play, the gaming alternative to the Xperia Vivaz Pro (Playstation Phone)

Posted by Eksovichea Hak on Monday, February 7, 2011, In : Gaming 

I reckon' if you're going to shell out the cash for one of the new Android Xperia's you might as well hold out for this if you're more into your gaming. Basically the Missus was eyeing up one of the new none gaming Xperia's as a potential new phone, but this might give her more bang for her buck since it does all the same things as a regular none pro Vivaz plus a lot more in also delivering portable gaming with something that gets pretty close to a full sized usable game controller for such a...

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PS3 in Silver

Posted by Eksovichea Hak on Wednesday, February 2, 2011, In : Gaming 

PS3 slim soon to be in silver over the usual functional black of nearly everything else over in the land of the rising sun on the 10th of March. Is this news?  It looks pretty slick though. The price break down for those interested apparently look like this:

- 160GB model CECH-2500A ¥29,980 which is about $366

- 320GB CECH-2500B SS ¥34,980 which is roughly $427 which like an extra $63 for double the drive space.

- matching vertical stand for ¥2,000 which works out at about $24 just in case of...
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