Hardly Hi-tech but damned useful...

I think many a digital audio DJ has come across this whist testing DJ or digital audio production software in conjunction with their built in internal audio sound card/device on their laptops. I'm talking about the audio hum which makes many think hum free audio is only achievable via some sort of external purpose made audio interface. (myself included)

Even more strangely, on my particular machine I don't actually get any audio hum when monitoring the built in internal audio soundcard through headphones but for some reason it becomes very apparent when hooking it up to an external mixer or amp which is a shame really as its capable of 96Khz studio grade playback and recording for the sound quality to be pretty good for a built in internal audio device. Its just the audio hum that pretty much hampers it from being used in any serious way. It would certainly be very handy for using it along side an external audio interface for additional audio channels.

Note: if you want to use low latency ASIO streaming with multiple audio interfaces of different brands and types at the same time in something like Ableton live you'll need a universal ASIO driver. Obviously you'll have to tweak the setting a little to get the latency timings right in order to get all the devices to be in sync. Look up ASIO4ALL, its free. Fortunately ASIO4ALL has also just released a stable 64-bit version of their streaming audio driver for all those so called pro DJ's that were crying because they couldn't get support for their 64-bit Windows Vista or 7 OS because they were too lazy to use Google and tap a few keys and perform relevant searches for instant results..

You can download ASIO4ALL here. Its free.

Audio hum suppression for DJ gear or cars

Apparently there's hope. I've not tested it yet but at $10 it's a relatively inexpensive device that can suppress the audio hum when connected somewhere between your laptop and your mixer or amp. I'll let you know the results when I get hold of one. If you fancy grabbing one before me I know they have them here.