It looks like Blackberry Playbook users have just that little bit more to go on with news of Tonium's a recent teaser of their upcoming Pacemaker app. There aren't actually any pointers as to how to go about acquirement of the Playbook Pacemaker app beta build that I could give as it seems to only be in the hands of a few select tech news outlets at this moment in time. 

Generally this news means that we can be certain that Pacemakers flame of competent and highly portable DJ device innovation will still continue to burn given how the Playbook's touch based HID will actually be used to extend the mixing capability and make it more useable for those that couldn't quite get accustomed to the Pacemakers physical dimensions. But the thought did occur to me that given the nature of the Playbook it surely would have been potentially possible to create a Pacemaker app that didn't actually require the need to connect a Pacemaker device at all in the purest functional sense. Sure the Pacemaker itself would obviously still act as the audio routing hub and the actual storage device since the Playbook only has a single headphone out jack and a very limited amount of space for storage but they could have just quite as easily created a simpler and smaller (and cheaper in the production sense of needing less components) Playbook like attachment to facilitate that for all those that don't have a Pacemaker, potentially a compact Pacemaker break out box if you will. 

This kind of extended functionality will no doubt go a long way toward further improving things for other Pacemaker owners toting various other types of touch based devices that are competent enough to handle the same kinds of required acceptable threshold of usability for actual practical use when those particular versions finally do land. But I am intrigued as how exactly they're going to innovate for PC's and Mac's limited to touchpad's/mouse and keyboard HID's. You can get the official blurb on the app by clicking here