Just as I get wind of an official Blackberry Playbook app for the Pacemaker it seems that Tonium also reckons that its time to call it a day on production of their only sole product pocketable Pacemaker DJ device. So what now? Well I could gush over how it’s the only thing of its kind that allows you to near enough competently construct professional sounding DJ sets in the palm of your hands whilst giving you 3 hours to do it with out a mains supply using the two turntable metaphor but I'd be saying nothing new. However I was kind of thinking more a long the lines of maybe considering protecting your now potentially soon to be rare investment as all those lucky enough to have a working example might want to consider putting some sort of protective skin on it just to try and make it last just that little bit longer especially if its something that would normally rarely ever leave your regular count of personal effects. Not to mention it would obviously keep it in good cosmetic condition for longer with handling through regular use.