Its no surprise really with Google's nexus 7 entering the UK market at an official 159 GBP RRP direct from Google toting much more powerful 1.3Ghz quad core processing power with Nvidia integra 3 graphics thrown in to boot for some serious portable gaming potential. Boasting 9 hours of continuous HD video playback on the 1280x800 native res screen and 300 hours of standby its hardly a slouch on the mains starved uptime front.  The only thing it lacks is regular built in mobile talkie stick capability. 

It looks like the pricing on the 1Ghz dual core Blackberry playbooks have been aligned accordingly to see many reputable UK high street retailers slashing the price tag down from 559GBP to 129 for the 64GB models depending where you buy from.

tip: look up Curry's, Dixons, and PCworld for the best prices  which look a bit like this…

109GBP 16GB
119GBP 32GB
129GBP 64GB

Maybe all those looking to get a slice of Tonium's Pacemaker action in its more progressed multi-touch touch screen form might be a little more tempted with the cuts from the obscene entry asking RRP of 2011. From what I can gather the blackberry playbook is the only tablet device that has enough audio outputs built into it that allows for pre-mix monitoring and a separate main room/mix audio out. It's also said that the Blackberry Playbook touch interface has been designed to work perfectly with the Pacemaker app for completely smooth usability to a professional and reliable standard for actual DJ use. 


I guess beyond that there's also the fact that the Blackberry Playbook is in fact a premium grade multi-purpose 7 inch Wi-Fi tablet device designed for assisting mobile communications, internet browsing,  rich multi-media consumptions and e-book reading which would obviously give you a damn sight more bang for your buck beyond any intentions of progressive delvings into a yet another potentially dedicated DJ device with less orthodox means of interaction for DJ purposes. 

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