I was more than intrigued by Blackberry's Z10 whilst all the pre-release hype was circulating on the net. So much so that I even went to the extent of sniffing out many a "Mr blurry shaky hand cam" pictures of it. It was the lure of blackberry OS 10 that seemed most inviting based on where the Playbook had taken things. When the Z-10 was released I still generally remained reserved on blog wordage despite still keeping a watchful eye on the turn of opinion that would be praising it one day to swing to turncoat like scathingly negative the next day through the general politics of it all. But it wasn't until today that things did really take a turn to warrant some words. I still haven't gotten round to getting a Playbook although it's penned in for the sake of getting the Pacemaker app for it at some point. Today see's the release of the Pacemaker app for the Z-10. What more could be said other than from what I hear there are two versions of the app. Which version of the Z-10 you have will determine which version of the Pacemaker app for the Z-10 you'll need.