As far as D-SLR camera's are concerned there isn't really anything much bigger than the announcement that the likes of Canon will be updating their core mid range of pro and enthusiast D-SLR camera's by slights with the addition of a new 70D. Although initial news landed on my computer about 3 days ago there wasn't much that I thought about it at the time other than the 7D will probably drop in price, although let it be noted that various folk reckon that it wasn't intended as a replacement for the 7D due to a lack of a headphone jack?! Whatever the case the main thing that the 70D brings to the table beyond the same high speed single burst frame rate shooting of the 7D is vastly faster and smoother auto-focusing whilst shooting video due to Canons "all new" Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor which is said to use 2 diodes per pixel instead of just the one as found on the sensors in all their previous models, meaning that the 70D is aimed squarely at the videographers who like/want to shoot video with DSLR's. I doubt the lack of headphone Jack will deter the main core of pro user buyers that this camera will attract since they would more than likely be doing the audio via a separate dedicated audio recording device anyway, and no doubt enthusiasts with the cash to burn a like would hardly be deterred either for the sake of acquiring Canon DSLR tech newness over the innerds of the 7D that haven't seen a refresh in well over 4 years. 

Other then that and upping the pixel count from 18 to 20.2MP, the 70D further hints at its "videographers buy me" intentions by doing away with the fixed screen and putting a twisting articulating capacitive touchscreen in its place. In fact the 70D's external outer construction is almost identical to the 60D (minus the touchscreen). 

Price-wise expect to pay around a grand for the body only box and its contents, or 1200GBP with 18-55mm kit lens... or 1400GBP with 18-135mm kit lens.