So whilst looking into regular manual Canon EOS EF lens adaptors for Sony's E-mount standard I came across the Metabones Auto lens mount adaptor. Essentially its an adaptor that's equipped with a ROM that will let you attach and harness all the motorized features of Canon EOS EF lenses with a NEX camera body regardless of whether you're shooting video or stills. The original Metabones wasn't without its flaws from the video evidence I'd previously seen, and at $400+ it was a little expensive to be getting slow shuddery performance out of it for pro use.  

But no more! It looks like the Metabones people have made a new version to have seemingly thrown a few bones out to a bunch of knowledgeable people in their field to try out for them. (see what I did there? That was like...nevermind...). The demonstrated Metabones "speed booster" (as they called it) gives very impressive and notably significant usable performance gains over the current version judging by the video's on show demonstrating the yet unpriced demo model of the new "speed booster" version. I can't imagine it will be cheap either when it finally does drop for consumer acquirement. The 1920x1080 60fps(i) video demo claiming to be made using a Sony NEX camera in conjunction with a speed booster mounted with a Canon lens made my eyeballs melt at its extended widened extreme definition of crispy clear smoothness. But can it make me a brew? Click this to see extreme high definition wideness on a NEX camera along with all the technical know how that apparently went into making it.