This is where interests could pretty much come into conflict since I'm pushing 3 on my site in an attempt to make a bit of pocket money. However when it comes to getting your groove on and largin' it in the interest of keeping the party vibe alive and possibly doing a little to contribute to the effort of energy conservation (or very little at all if to remain a concept) in order to keep your talkie stick talkable the party effort pretty much wins hands down. Looks like Orange are going to be pitching a tent at Glastonbury this year and supposedly dishing out wellies that recharge your phone whilst you throw shapes or optionally mosh out dancing the festival weekend away ahead of any predicted rain forecasts for glastonbury festival goers this summer. Long scientific mumbo jumbo short they apparently collect and convert heat energy throughout the whole time you're dancing and mooching about which is then apparently somehow stored. I guessing with enough stored energy you then plug in your phone whilst catching some z's later that night or whenever you get time to cool your heels. (Hot girl dressed in a fashionably in season summer festival like way probably most definitely not included) Meh, who cares, they're owned by the same telecoms company anyway. I guess you could charge your 3 phone with these Orange wellies?? Hit the jump for the fuller picture of goings on at the Glasto festival this summer.

Important things to do whilst doing Glastonbury although I'll unfortunately not be going. Visit the Jon Peel stage and see Beck perform if he's been included in this years line up at all.