I wouldn't normally include something like this since its still just a concept with no word on pricing. 

If I had the funds and resources to bring an accessory to market for the iPad this would have been it but with a few more bells and whistles. It would certainly save you having to carry yet another separate machine (i.e. a netbook) if you already have an iPad or intend on buying one.  However the only thing that had me in a bit of a pickle whilst mentally mulling it over was the thought of how you might go about making it so the iPad could be quickly released from the enclosure and slipped back in whenever it needed to be whilst being firmly held in place so as not to hamper its original intended use of being a slim and light easy to handle tablet. However this rendered mockup seems to get round it by allowing the case to fold back on itself which still kind of chunks it out a little. This would obviously make it a little more cumbersome to handle then an e-reader or a non jacket clad iPad. Although the gloss surface (which I can only assume will be plastic) looks beautiful it just seems a little impractical for said use.


I had envisaged the use of aluminum but I guess plastic would be better purely because it would help to keep the cost down and possibly make it more recyclable. However I was thinking more along the lines of durable in terms of product criteria.




Other stuff I was trying to figure out for what I would have included in my imaginary version (which would no doubt place more of a premium on it but make it much more of a worthy consideration as a useful iPad accessory)

- What's the slimmest form factor battery you could use as a secondary battery for even longer mains free uptime. Maybe another one similar to the one found in the iPad itself in the bottom keyboard section of the casing. It would definitely make the form factor trade off more worth while.

- What are the slimmest and most practical kinds of solar panels for covering the back of the lid and palm rest of my imaginary iPad case. I'd recently come across a solar paneled bag that was apparently capable of charging a 15" laptop. Maybe with the appropriate solar paneling on this casing on the described areas it could possibly mean you wouldn't need to charge it via the mains at all although the option would be included.

- What's the slimmest induction charging pad and receptor panel you can get on today's consumer market for getting the solar charge that’s sent to the backup battery and then to the actual iPad which still would allow for quick easy release to be used as a tablet and keeping the thickness of the case down.

- Integration of an SD card reader into the keyboard section of the case.

I was also thinking of something more in line with the slimness of the the iPad itself for the bottom part of the chassis or least equal to the thickness of the top part of the casing thats holding the actual iPad which should again help to keep the overall form factor as slim as possible. No doubt additional artificial dense mass would have to be added to counter balance the iPad when used in a laptop like configuration.