Having been a fan of the Pacemaker device before it was axed it wasn't really difficult to see why the PDJ handheld DJ Controller snagged my attention, but if the Pacemaker was a toy then this wasn't too far behind. Sure you might be able to achieve professional sounding results on it, but there's just no getting away from the fact that anything that could allow you to sound professional on such a miniature scale will always been deemed as a toy and nothing more. Even with the amount of careful design consideration that went into the original Pacemaker as to how a person/someone from a DJ background might humanly interact with such a proportionally scaled down device of pocket sized proportions in order to make it as intuitively easy to use and as functional for said purpose as possible, many still griped that its size made it difficult to use. Initial wow factor aside I could see the PDJ handheld DJ Controller potentially being even more fiddly to use than the original Pacemaker device. As far as no fuss usable dedicated pocket sized DJ devices go that would be considered to be a toy? The original Pacemaker device concept got much closer to this at nailing it. No word as to how much the PDJ handheld DJ Controller would cost if ever brought to market, but I could imagine it would cost considerably more than a Blackberry Playbook and a copy of the Pacemaker software for it or the original price on the pre release Pacemaker device. There's also the fact that the Blackberry Playbook can be used for other things besides the potential use of a dedicated portable DJ device which is a good thing. Why? Because at one time when kids decided they wanted to DJ they had to buy large vinyl turntables, a mixer and a whole stack of vinyl records. Then eventually the vast majority just stopped and moved onto other things to keep themselves amused which resulted in vast amounts of materials and money being wasted and filling up attics or basements that couldn't really be used for anything else. 


If the original Pacemaker device got axed there's no way the PDJ handheld DJ Controller deserves your cash as a dedicated miniature DJ device/toy. Buy a Blackberry Playbook instead, or you could put the money towards actual pro gear if you had more "pro" like intentions.

I reckon a more worthy investment might be to try and create an external Blackberry Playbook dock controller that allows for directly accessible simultaneous EQing for two or more decks from a single Blackberry Playbook device running the Pacemaker software. This would certainly allow for vastly smoother seamless mix transitions and a workflow more in line with the use of full scale professional DJ gear.