The first of the TM2t refreshes finally lands capable of turning 2.13GHz of cycles on the upside over 2 cores on a core i3. I guess in trying to keep pricing under the $1000 mark they could hardly be throwing in a discrete GPU option into the mix, however as far as integrated GPU options go you couldn't really go far wrong in using a corei3 since it includes the GPU directly on the actual core i3 processor for some serious integrated bottle neck free HD visual feedback when going about doing your multi-touch touchscreen tablet like antics. Other note worthy details include use of 4GB's worth of 1066MHz DDR3 ram, 12" 2 point multi-touch WXGA touchscreen, a faster 320GB 7200RPM spining SATA platter as standard over the usual 5200RPM and the option to allocate upto 1695GB of ram for GPU processing. Of course all this additional number crunching power means it'll get you about 2 hours less away from the mains supply when compared to the former ULV versions. Stated uptime after events played out is set at 4 hours with normal use. It can be snapped up stateside for $949.99 here - HP TouchSmart tm2-2050us 12.1-Inch Riptide Argento Laptop.