Bored of virtual patching and purely software based virtual modules and instruments? Well it looks like some IDM enthusiast have been keeping it a little more real and hands on and very unique whilst also making it much more difficult for digital thieves (with no real idea what their doing other then knowing how to pretend with you having done all the work) to steal their artistic efforts in a matter of seconds. Especially with the bring about of self contained all in digital production software that can package your efforts into a self contained file to be instantly lifted.

These custom built hardware based modular analogue machines aren't exactly downloadable in a matter of seconds (since you obviously have to physically build them from scratch and are hardware based) and they're certainly going to be much more difficult to replicate and to copy within a few minutes. I don't pretend to know how to build anything this advance but the results are nothing short of spectacular. I'm all for simplifying things but the seeming complexity of these things would certainly be enough to deter many of the IT cloud dwelling opportunists on many levels. Check the video by clicking here to see what I mean. The laid back industrial feel of the first number went down a treat, but the second number kind of sounded like R2D2 getting a bit excited having been let loose on some kind robot like symphony producing task. I only got as far as the second track but leave it rolling to hear the entire album.