Although I was a bit dubious of the name it was the first means I'd ever come across that allowed me to build a custom hardware setup to give me the ability to integrate a more traditional method of DJing using my prized and treasured Technics turntables in conjunction with a digital medium. Its been around for nearly 8 years since I first stumbled across DJdecks (time certainly does fly). At the time I was too into DJing with vinyl records to even consider ever using something like Ableton having spent hours a day for years perfecting my seamless vinyl mixing craft and also having spent thousands of pounds on my vinyl record collection. But with the cost of specialised high quality digital DJ download audio tracks falling to the point where they were essentially much more affordable then buying vinyl records it was definitely time to consider some kind method of digital DJing that would allow me to retain a large part of the essence of what gave me the buzz from DJing at the time along with the music itself. Also the number of quality record labels moving over to releasing their pre-releases and exclusives as well as their back catalogue in a high audio resolution digital format was also rapidly growing at the time too.

Beyond all the ready made commercial solutions for vinyl emulation DJdecks  was the only digital DJ software that competently allowed me to build and test my own custom vinyl emulation rig that even surpass the hardware performance of ready made commercial solutions for a fraction of the price. If vinyl emulation is what you need for spinning your particular brand of high quality WAV and mp3 files you can't really go to far wrong with DJdecks as a potential solution.
However the project seems to have now entered a new phase where its more polished and more commercial front has become a little more apparent with a said merger with Virtual DJ. What does this mean for current DJdecks users?  Well if you actually bought your copy of DJdecks some time in the last 3 years you'll be eligible for a free upgrade to version 8 of Virtual DJ which is said to have a price tag of 300 quid! As far as I'm aware version 8 of Virtual DJ hasn't even been released yet.

Even more interesting is the claim that it has the ability to harness the re-wire digital audio and midi routing standard to potentially allow you to use vinyl emulation to control midi syncing within Ableton 8. Meaning you wouldn't necessarily need to use an expensive Serato scratch vinyl emulation solution in conjunction with Ableton 8 and the Bridge pluggin to achieve this kind of vinyl emulation like playback for Ableton 8. However the key difference might be that you might not be able to record your vinyl emulation manipulations during a set to Ableton like you can when using Serato scratch with Ableton 8 and the Ableton Bridge pluggin from what I can gather but I could really only confirm this with actual testing.

I couldn't find any word of the DJdecks project ceasing so I can only assume they'll still be putting it out after the Virtual DJ 8 release unless otherwise stated.
Whatever the case it looks like the DJdecks fold is about to get a pretty slick gift some time in the near future.