We've seen concepts of dual touch screen laptop like devices kicking around for some time now, the first of which I remember originally being penned in for a potential future OLPC design that would have probably never made it off the drawing board anyway especially at the price they wanted to bring it into existence at. It wasn't that I doubted that it could be done for the low price that they were suggesting in any realistic way, but with all the politics and many-many traffic lights still on red due to far less advance but highly profitable technologies currently available in the market place that demand a far higher price tag there was absolutely no chance whatsoever. Then came along the courier which was so tantalizingly close to being delivered into the realms of reality with its extremely sleek and very notebook like (as in a real pen and paper notebook) slim form factor doing the rounds in rendered form. Even the software and interface design in concept was a major departure from anything that you would identify with a Microsoft product right through to the external appearance of the device itself. But unfortunately just a little too much iPad backing in word form from certain individuals meant it was pretty much shelved for its constituents to be taken apart and used for other projects as the dice rollers just shrugged and continued to sip their thimble like servings of super concentrated coffee. If I loved gadgets as much as some do out there I probably would have shed a tear or two as if an unborn child of my own flesh and blood had been aborted without my having any say in the matter with the words of "its my body" leaving me haunted for the rest of my life after all the time, words, "noise", efforts and energy that had been invested. (...sigh)

But now it looks like Toshiba have decided to pick up the ball with something that I can only describe as a netbook type thing (but smaller, think UMPC) minus a physical keyboard which has been replaced with a touchscreen that runs windows 7 ontop of it all going by the name of the Libretto W100.  When opened and looking at it face on it very much so looks like the courier but its not until you see it from all other angles that it becomes apparent that its nowhere near as slim/sleek as the courier concept. Still though, it’s a dual screen notebook/netbook/UMPC that real! I still haven't spoted a stylus though,

Its specs are very netbook like apart from the dual touchscreen feature, and they pretty much stack up like this:

- two 7-inch, 1024 x 600-resolution touchscreens
- 1.2GHz Intel Pentium U5400 processor
- 2GB of RAM
- 64GB SSD
- Windows 7 Home Premium

At an expected $1099 some time in the next few months its not exactly cheap. But that's the price you pay for a first to market device I guess.

You can find an in depth review of it at Engadget here. Otherwise just enjoy more press shots below.