Wait, before you yawn hear me out. (Its design is timeless, practical and made to last I'll have you know) If I've got this right Lenovo have apparently reworked their latest ThinkPad range to include a bunch of recycled parts just in time for world earth day which I pretty much slept through the better part of. Although whether the claim of using recycled parts refers to electrical components used in it or its outer enclosure I'm not quite sure, but IBM aren't usually the kind of folk to skimp on using the latest mobile tech available to them at the silicon level whilst at the seeping edge of their portable business class keyboarded pads of thought. (presumably intended mainly for thought bubbles that can be filed under business stuff). Build quality wise they'd be a Technics if they were a turntable. These things are built to last which in some respects could be seen as environmentally friendly and in others... hmm not so much depending on which angle you look at it from. Whatever the case it seems the overall opinion is that it doesn't feel like they've used recycled parts which is probably a good thing if they have used recycled parts. (Overall opinion in this instance meaning a quick scan over at Engadget from someone who possibly has a vested interest in the product lines well being). Go international machines of business for being a little greener who don't really own these things anymore but technically do.