Not content with just updating their main stable range of midi controllers it looks like they've also gotten into some sort of collaborative effort with Glansmann Digital DJ Solutions which seems to have spawned what can only be best described as a full 4 track midi controller with glide rail sliders going by the name "4 midi loop". Yeah that's right, its pretty much a midi controller that takes the entire layout of a fully featured 4 channel DJ mixer with all the rotary knobs, buttons, and sliders that you'd expect to find on one. You'll even be able to use it in conjunction with a turntable/pair of turntables, vinyl emulation software and some sort of vinyl emulation interface box of your choice to accurately scratch your tracks as if you were scratching vinyl records. Currently its still in the testing phase but from what I've seen so far its looking promising. From what I can gather its initially aimed for use Traktor however I'm guessing that its going to be fully midi assignable like all the other Faderfox midi controllers meaning that you should hopefully be able to use it with other software without issue. Go there now.

...oh yeah one other thing, you can also sign up to put your money down for an initial limited production run of the Midi controller if you want to be one of the first few to get your hands on one of these things. As you can see above there'll also be a black version too if you want to be a little more colour co-ordinated with your DJ gear. Keep in mind though that its a fully assignable midi controller and not a mixer with audio inputs and outputs nor does it have a built in audio interface.

sign up here.