There's  probably more then a fair few Ableton and Traktor users out there that are familiar with Faderfox's line of ultra compact purpose built Midi controllers including myself having picked up a second generation Ableton controller a while back for it to have pretty much always played some part in my rig in some form or other ever since. Well it looks like its out with the old and in with the new as the entire range sees a complete refresh for the third iteration which apparently was partly led under guidance of suggestions from the Faderfox fan base/community. I won't go into too much detail as to what changes they've made since there's far too many to mention that are specific to each modular solution but no doubt they'd be in line with how the individual controllers would allow you or its target user to work more efficiently within the dynamic of what these controllers allows you to do. You're best off hitting up the site for the full lowdown. However there is one new feature that I will mention that they've applied right across the board, all the micro module midi controllers are now connected via USB as well as being powered by USB to no longer require a separate AC adaptor, batteries and midi connection to make them work with your portable digital rig. Click here to go there now.