I remember when I first saw the latest refresh of the iPod Nano and I'm certain many people had the exact same thought of making some sort of wrist strap for it in order to turn it into a wrist watch.  I still haven't gotten round to wearing earplugs when I sleep yet either. Anyhow since then we've seen a whole bunch of manufacturers vying for us to turn our pennies into a wearable iPod nano holder of some kind to give that distinct time piece look. After ignoring a number of shrug worthy efforts it looks like this pre- market pitch made the grade for many folk including myself. At the entry level there's a Tiktok quick click-in and quick release version but if you're looking for something a little more permanent there's also an aluminium assembly kit version too (screws'n'all) going by Tik Luna.

They're looking to put them out at around $30 and $70 respectively if they can actually get investment to mass produce them. I'm no dragon but I think they're the best designs I've seen so far. The only problem is the aluminium version  would probably make it a little bit awkward for you to use your nano as a music player once fitted. The first decent design I've seen and it hasn't even actually been put into production yet. Just click the pictures to head to the page.