I've only just started getting onto video IM chat on a regular basis which made me think about some sort of tidy solution. Bluetooth headsets then came to mind. I've never really been a fan of Bluetooth headsets. Not because they make people look crazy as they animatedly walk down the street talking loudly to appear like they're talking to themselves but mainly because most just don't look all that great. Those that kind of look good are generally a little over priced for my liking considering what they do in being exactly the same thing as their cheaper and reasonably good quality counterparts. This one ain't cheap either but just on curves, form and simplicity alone it made my eyeballs want to lick the screen. It can apparently be yours for $130 although you'll have to hold your horses for another 10 days since its release date is penned in for the 21st of this month. Click the picture to get to the site.