Having nearly fallen off my seat...

Oh man I haven't had a rush like this since my last memorable big night out during the peak of the honey moon period in the thick of my back to back disco biscuit chomping days or possibly even the first time I got it on with my now Missus. What was it to have got my haemoglobin pumper doing serious overtime but in a good way whilst leaving me more then a little overwhelmed as I tap this out at a million miles per hour?

Having previously visited the Ableton site just a couple of days ago with only news of yet another Live 8 update there wasn't much to excite on the development front. But just on the off chance of a return visit It looks like Ableton went ahead and finally released their much talked up bridge software after much speculation that there might not have been any bridge software at all.

Basically this means that you don't have to retire your turntable skills just yet for the sake of keeping the dynamic multi-track process beyond a two track roll without dropping a single beat as you start, beatmatch and vinyl break for everything to remain perfectly in sync. I was a little dubious as to how this would work in practice as my previous testing of vinyl control syncing to Ableton didn't turn out results that were much to talk about or worth doing probably because of how I was trying to implement it. But from the demonstration alone it looked extremely tight and accurate. Now to get some hands on testing done.

Whether techno or hip-hop you might just want to click this hyperlink and have a look see about what I'm talking I'm talking about.