Amidst all this forbidden fruity tablet talk that’s clogging the tech blogosphere it kind of made me wonder whether tablet computers in general had come any further. Sure they're more typically business targeted which is a far cry from the just released sit back and relax touchy feely bitten take on it all. But if it were told it to put its business certification in the draw to become a full time fully fledged audio/midi sequencing producer and DJ would it have what it takes? 

Will there ever be a day where we'll see a tablet PC with a reasonably beefy processor that doesn't belt out heat like a room heater that also has sticks of memory to match the speed of its thinking power for full on bottleneck free touch screen audio application use? Even better how's about throwing in a modular bay for quickly swapping in and out hard drives for storing large projects, virtual record box collection, or different set configurations to various different hard drives that can operate at full SATA150/ 300 speed.

Step into the fray Fujitsu's T4410 Life book tablet PC. It looks like they've broken the ceiling of 2.4GHz of most table PC's by sporting a low power consuming core2duo 2.53GHz P8700 with its rather generous 1066MHz front side bus at the base model. Options go right up to 2.80GHz. Then factor in the use of DDR3 memory also clocking in at 1066MHz and you've  pretty much got a clear run between number cruncher and somewhere to remember it all for relatively bottleneck free operation. The only thing to choke it all up being the use of a regular spinning hard drive over an SSD, but generally a 7200rpm drive would be more then sufficient for the needs of Ableton not to mention help keep the cost down.


It looks 'orrid' (said in a deep gravely cockney accent)

Of course I'm joking as its not that bad, but design wise I don't think its going to have you lusting in the way other industrial designed electronic product genres would but it certainly looks robust and solid enough bar the dicey looking 3G antenna. Its just a shame they didn't make a bit more of an effort.


I guess I couldn't really comment on this thing without any hands on testing with various audio software and multi-track audio configuration setups under the Windows 7 environment that comes pre-installed on it. (hopefully on a 7200rpm hard drive rather then the 5400rpm) But if I had the dough it would certainly be a serious contender for replacing my workhorse tablet. But other things in its favor includes the fact that it has both a 6 pin firewire port and an expresscard slot.