Despite Korg's Zero4 DJ mixer having been out for quite some time there generally still seems to be a lack of some kind of off the shelf flight case that you can buy to help protect it from any unexpected bumps and knocks whilst generally transporting it due to its non standard size. Unless that  is you live in the US, in which case you can look to eBay for a custom ready made ATA flight case from the New York Case company. They ship anywhere within the US at the price of $99 with free shipping. The downside it that they also explicitly stipulate US only.

Click here to go there now.

For the rest of us that aren't currently in the US there hasn't been an option up until pretty recently. However its not so much flight case to be more like a flight bag? Stranger still it appears to be some sort of official Korg branded effort that has been made specifically for the Korg DJ mixer. However having not had chance to see how the bag has actually been put together I did worry that there might be a few broken pots or sliders to come from using it but no doubt Korg thought of that before even making this official Korg DJ mixer bag. Check out the snaps below to see what I mean.

If you're interested here's a link to the one place that I've found that to sell this, they ship world wide.

For all other folk outside of the US wanting something a little more robust and don't mind doing a little DIY, here another option you can try but it requires you to mod a generic 12" mixer flight case normally made for Pioneer mixers. Click here for a guide I found on some forum.