Whats going on?! With recent news of HMV Canada apparently stepping in to put together a rescue effort for the UK stores it looks the whole saga has taken another twist. Camera gear in HMV music stores? To me that doesn't seem so strange an idea having lived in France for a while where they have stores like Fnac.  Fnac is a bit like the French equivalent of HMV. From what I've seen and know of Fnac, its pretty much the most prominent chain of high street/mall store in France to sell a comprehensive selection music, movies and video games. However the key difference is they also comprehensively cover main brand equipment and accessories for digital cameras (general and a little pro-sumer), mobile phones, branded PC's, game consoles, huge flat panel screens/televisions and mobile computing devices.

They also have a huge bookstore and stationary section in all their stores too. So even in any potential of flagging in store music sales they'd potentially have other stuff to keep things ticking over as a high street entity. You might be in there for something specific but there's always the temptation to passingly browse the other sections all in one store. Then again I generally never bought anything from Fnac in knowing how much more it all cost compared to buying online. But yet the Fnac store was always busy every time I visited it.