This was my first hands on with any kind of Windows 7 phone ever and I reckon that this latest offering of yet another wire free talkie stick to come from the HTC stable was pretty smart in both its default built purpose and actual design. Overall it felt compact to have a nicely weighted feel about it (that doesn't mean heavy though) which added to a feeling of sturdiness too. I think that fact that it was crafted from a single piece of aluminium no doubt helped out there a little. It'd be far too easy to draw parallels on the design front so I won't, but its cambered contours and slim build against its brushed black finish only added to the pleasant feel of it in the hand and its slim appearance to the eye.

It says this thing has a 1Ghz processor under the hood and it definitely shows. I was just impressed at being able to fit 1000Mhz in a shirt pocket without bulking it out or burning a hole in it more then anything else. Flicking though its menu system via the 720p capable touchscreen felt really fluid with no hint of lag or delay what so ever. It was definitely a jump from my current WM6 phone that's for sure but no doubt long time Zune user might just shrug as far as the GUI experience goes. For me personally it felt like I was navigating some sort of candy like "trendy" game console menu system rather then the comparatively stuffy strictly business feel of what I'd previously been using. It did actually make me want to explore it without thinking I can't be bothered.

They reckon you'll get nearly 14 hours of constant talk time and a minimum of 15 days of stand by out of this thing but as ever it'd probably be wise to take that with a pinch of salt. Data users might like to know that it'll pull a maximum of 7.2Mb/s and push 2MB/s across those 3G network providers that are actually capable of handling it. Also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Apparently it also had some kind of Dolby surround sound built into it but I'm not sure I'd notice it or properly use it on something like this, the fact that it had it sounds impressive though. Other stats that you might be interested in:

- 8 GB of storage
- 512MB ROM
- 576MB RAM
- MICRO SD card slot
- 8 Megapixel camera
- Standard 3.5mm headphone jack (you can use any regular headphones with it)

Visit the site here.