Tough pad's made of Android  in ice cold sandwiches  

More seriously though, the range of new of Panasonic Android 4.0 tough pad's do look well suited for professional industries across the board. The almost ridiculous level of enterprise class security found on their 7 and 10 inch Android tough pads is just something I'd never  expected to see on any type of consumer class Android device. With daylight readable 500 nits LED panels and a micro SD slot they could even serve as a lightweight instant photo preview device, but obviously you'd have to be using more fiddly and vastly more expensive class 10 micro SD's in your snappin' picture boxes. 

Tough pad's made of full 8 Metro (not RT)

Android variant aside the Windows version looks extremely capable in terms of speed as well power with a 1.9Ghz i5 (scalable to 2.9Ghz), room for up to 8GB of RAM, as well as up to 256GB of SSD storage. All this whilst still managing to remain trademark Panasonic tough book (in this case tough pad) rugged but yet still managing to be ridiculously slim for what it is. 

If I wanted to I could use all 10 fingers at the same time on the screen to flick through high definition picture of gadget porn in broad daylight and still see the screen...

With a 1920x1200 res 10.1 inch daylight readable anti-reflective and anti-glare LED panel rated at 800 nits brightness, the screen is sure to come in very handy where clarity and detail is needed. Interacting with the tablet involves a 10 point multi-touch touch screen that also works with a digitizing stylus which does all seem like over kill, but no doubt will come in very handy whilst swiping, gesturing and pinch zooming through the pre-installed full windows 8 OS if not actually taking notes with the digital stylus and built in digitizer. There's also 7 physical tablet buttons, 2 of which are user definable. 

8 hours of battery life, are you sure?

Battery life when fully charged is said to be 8 hours, but well all know how these things go as far as the word optimal in concerned. Although it does take 2.5 to 3 hours to charge depending on whether its powered and in use whilst charging.

A tablet tighter then fort Knox that’s optionally easily traceable

Enterprise class TPM security and encryption on top of its built in 4G, 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi and bluetooth 4.0. Meaning missing devices would show up sooner or later for instant remote wipe and/or lockout/possible recovery with the supplied tracking software. Intel have also got some sort of anti-theft thing on it too.  

What would you use it for?

But hold on, since Panasonic halted production of their Technics 1200 range of tank like built turntables, could these also be a potential pathway for the next wave of portable rugged hands on multi-touch DJ/live production performance tools of industry seriousness revolving around "fun/entertainment" beyond the CDJ? I can't see many hipsters getting onto these, although a fully powered Ableton//traktor tablet would be a damn sight more useful to me then a Pacemaker tablet for sure. But given the yet to be announced wallet busting prices they'll no doubt be entering the market at, it'll no doubt mainly be military, enterprise and government bods using these things anyway. But for a side by side comparison chart and detail spec you might want to touch or click here.