Often I just skip over the various number of portable integrated keyboard solutions that various manufacturers come up with for the iPad. Sure it might partly be for the superficial reasons of making the actual device look more ridiculous then it needs to be despite providing a semi solid means of actually inputting text in some kind of reasonably competent manner for lengthier bouts of typing runs say for journaling and blogging. But since Apple would  insist on us using the onscreen touch driven keyboard rather then take a step back to the physical keys by not producing an official integrated keyboard case, it seems many others have taken it upon themselves to produce semi ok and half assed efforts for them. 

Now Logitech has decided to take it upon themselves to step up to the plate too, and who better to do it since they have a perceived (if not actual) wealth of recognised long term experience under their mid to high end production belt over many other manufacturers. It's what they started out doing and still continue to do to a high standard as their core product to this very day. 

There obviously has to be some trade offs when trying to produce a slim eye pleasing integrated all in one case like design that incorporates a fully useable physical keyboard since you obviously don't want to add too much weight or bulk to it in order to detract from the aesthetic appeal of the original iPad's slim profile (and relatively light weight) as little as possible, even if this does somewhat come at a  cost to the  actual full typing experience that "pros" (as in people within industries that get paid to type stuff) would like to see on any such device for maximum typing comfort and efficiency.  But it might be worth keeping in mind that the iPad was not intended as a professional all in one portable machine for typing on to begin with in any immediate sense as far as its original primary product scope/intended purpose goes. Think iPhone fans combined with myopia (and possibly various degrees of infirmity) with a lower threshold for seemingly fiddly devices whilst wanting the full internet viewing experience along with eBook/E-document reading capability. If you wanted industry standard pro keyboard input for the iPad you'd obviously have to forego the want of a reasonably attractive slim all in one case and keyboard solution that doesn't mess up the iPad's original design too much and just buy a separate Apple wireless keyboard to tote around with you.

Logitech's refreshed efforts appear (and is also claimed) to be a solid solution. From what I can gather it uses a clip on cover like mechanism which is held in place by very strong magnets not too unlike the Apple covers for the iPad 2. It also allows for the entire iPad to stand upright via an appropriately sized ridge that acts as a slot which is said to hold the iPad firmly in place.

Low profile chicklet keys are used and given the nature of it being a slim cover (containing a keyboard) its understandable that it might not have the most substantial of key striking feels against a potentially short key stroke throw. It's said to feel hollow but I reckon this has got to be expected given the relatively slim lightweight cover (containing a keyboard) like nature of it.